With 7,000 employees and 8 sites in France, Thales Communications & Security (TCS) is a systems integrator for the benefit of the armed and security forces, citizen protection, as well as critical infrastructures and sensitive data.

The role of TCS in COOPOL is to facilitate the insertion of drones into security systems, both in terms of radio communications and the interoperability of the geo-localized produced videos.

Official website:
Address: 20 rue Grange Dame Rose, 78141 Velizy-Villacoublay, FRANCE
Contact: Stephane MENORET
              Jean-François SULZER
Phone: +33 6 74 54 34 38

EKTACOM is specialized in customized digital video solutions. Its clients include TV channels (France TV ...), institutional (European Parliament, Ministry of Finance), sports teams (Spindrift Racing, Gitana, Sodebo Voile). Its range Nomade allows a robust retransmission by satellite or 4G for events. The R & D activity focuses on video compression / transmission and related new services. For COOPOL, EKTACOM will propose the encrypted link drone / ground station.

Official website:
Address: 19 Avenue des Indes, 91940 Les Ulis, France
Contact: Marc LENY
Phone: +33 1 64 86 44 10




Founded in 1990, GEOCONCEPT is a company specializing in designing and publishing geographical optimization technologies for professionals.

Owning its own Geographic Information System (GIS), GEOCONCEPT is now one of the world leaders in data and applications of information and cartographic optimization for companies and public organizations.

Our geographic optimization applications is applied in diverse fields such as geomarketing, territorial management, emergency or mobile force management.

Official website:
Address: 52 avenue Aristide Briand, 92220 Bagneux - France
Contact: Albert DA SILVA PIRES
Phone: +33 1 72 74 76 78

Airborne Concept, founded in 2014 by aeronautics specialists, is recognized by major players in the world thanks to the high quality of its products.

It offers embedded and customized solutions to its clients:

  • Design and sale of fixed wing UAVs and multirotors
  • Design office for creative and innovative solutions development
  • Training for the telepilotation of professional drones
  • Air services 24/7
Address: 135 Avenue du Comminges, 31270 Cugnaux, France
Contact: Arnaud LE MAOUT
Phone: +33 5 61 59 29 89

EURECOM is a Graduate school and Research Centre in Communication Systems. It is an economic interest grouping including Orange, STMicroelectronics, BMW Group Research & Technology, Symantec, Monaco Telecom, IABG and the Principality of Monaco.

Teaching and research activities are centered around 3 main areas of expertise: Digital Security, Communication Systems, Data Science. In particular, the activity of digital security department focuses on the study of security and confidentiality requirements in computer and communication systems. The imaging and security group works on biometrics, video surveillance and image forensics.

Official website:
Address: Campus SophiaTech, 450 Route des Chappes, 06410 Biot, France
Contact: Jean-Luc DUGELAY
Phone: +33 4 93 00 81 41

LÉOST is a technological research laboratory of the COSYS department (Components and Systems) of IFSTTAR. Its mission is to carry out research using the fields of ICST (Information and Communication Science and Technologie) and SPI (Sciences for Engineers). Its research contributes to the emergence of new applications of communication, localization and surveillance in the field of road, guided and rail transport (trains, metros, trams, vehicles, buses) with the aim of contributing to the development of safe, efficient and accessible transport for everyone.

Official website:
Address: 14-20 Boulevard Newton, Cité Descartes, Champs sur Marne, F-77447 Marne la Vallée Cedex 2, France
Contact: Sébastien AMBELLOUIS
Phone: +33 1 81 66 80 00



The Center for Administrative, Political and Social Studies and Research (CERAPS) is a Joint Research Unit  (JRU) of University of Lille 2 and CNRS. It is a laboratory of the “ Maison Européenne des Sciences de l'Homme et de la société ” (MESHS). Backed by courses in political science and public law, CERAPS is the most important CNRS laboratory of political science and public law in the north of Paris. Considering the volume of its contracts, it represents the largest JRU in Human and Social Sciences of the CNRS Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie delegation.

Official website:
Address: 1 place Déliot - BP 629 - 59024 LILLE cedex, France
Contact: Marcel MORITZ
Phone: + 33 3 20 90 74 51



CEA LIST (Technology and Systems Integration Laboratory) of the CEA's Technology Research Department focuses its research on software-based systems. As part of its activities in video analysis, CEA has developed efficient techniques for detection, object recognition, behavior analysis and tracking in camera networks. CEA participates in multiple collaborative projects and is associated with THALES in a joint research laboratory to promote the transfer of technologies in the field of security.

Official website:
Address: Bât.861-Point courrier 173, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex - France
Contact: Quoc Cuong Pham
Phone: + 33 1 69 08 60 00

Thales Services SAS is a legal entity of the Thales group, in which the Business Line "Secure Information and Communication Systems (SIX)" provides a range of solutions for secure communications and resilient networks, intelligence and surveillance, Command and control, as well as the security of information systems. The upstream research department ThereSIS has the mission of studying new solutions concerning:

  • The security of information systems (cyber-security)
  • The new networks (5G)
  • Smart sensors and processors.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Big data analysis.
  • And innovative simulation technologies.


ThereSIS aims at detecting and "de-risking" innovative technologies and has an "interface" role between the providers of new technologies (academic laboratories, SMEs, SOHOs, etc.) and THALES Business Lines whowill carry the industrialization. Located on the campus of the Ecole Polytechnique, ThereSIS relies on a proactive partnership policy with universities and industrialists to quickly obtain results in response to concrete operational demands. ThereSIS is the coordinator of the COOPOL project.

Official website:
Address: Campus Polytechnique 1 av Augustin Fresnel, 91767 PALAISEAU CEDEX, France
Contact: Cédric LE BARZ (Project coordinator)
Phone: +33 1 57 77 80 00

Since its creation in 1800, the prefecture of police, with its headquarters in Paris, is a unique administration in France. A human force, an operational force, a force for innovation and modernizationit has put its many skills at the service of the population for two centuries.

The prefecture of police must prevent and fight a multitude of dangers: delinquency, disturbances of public order, natural or technological disasters, urban, road or health risks, terrorism, etc.

It also strives to provide a high-quality public service to citizens in its many areas, such as the issuing of administrative titles, traffic and parking management, and consumer protection. Finally, it fulfills unique missions of expertise through its technical and scientific police, its forensic institute, its psychiatric infirmary or its central laboratory. This introduction invites you to discover the main facets of this great institution, which contains 43,800 women and men, including nearly 27,500 police officers and 8,400 firefighters who, together, are committed to ensuring safety and exercice of freedom  of all those who live, work or visit Paris and its agglomeration.

Official website:
Address: 4 Rue Jules Breton, 75013 Paris
Phone: +33 9 64 02 71 60

The Paris fire brigade is in charge of the departments of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne in favor of a population of nearly 7 million inhabitants.


The Brigade has to face the dangers threatening the capital:

  • The area of operation of the Brigade covers three-quarters of the high-rise buildings in France as well as the first establishments located at high depths. Firefighters in Paris are increasingly confronted to urban technological risks of large modern megacities.
  • The importance of transport infrastructure is another risk. The Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget airports are included in the area covered by the Brigade.
Official website:
Address: 1 place Jules-Renard, BP 31, 75823 Paris Cedex 17
Contact:Nicolas FOLIO
Phone: +33 1 72 98 28 68